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Maaya Indian Kitchen is an all-inclusive restaurant and we want to ensure we
cater for all food preferences. For simplicity, we have put our vegan dishes into
one place. We hope you enjoy.
Poppadom basket x4 served with trio of relishes - 3.50
Gobi munchurian - 6.00  

Cauliflower fritters, sauteed in a spicy soy sauce.

Spiced potatoes & garlic mushrooms - 6.00  

Mini spiced potato vada with sauteed mushrooms with chopped shallots & garlic.

Tandoori Quorn - 6.00  

Roundels of quorn, marinated in medium spices and roasted in the tandoor.

Vegan heaven (sharing platter for 2) - 13.50  

Quorn Tikka, Onion Bhajee, Masala Mogo & Garlic Mushrooms.

Gol Gappa - 6.00  

Crispy wheat shells that burst with an explosion of flavours in your mouth, with spiced potatoes, chickpeas, chaat masala and tamarind water.

Onion Bhajee - 5.00  

Britain’s favourite snack of onion mesh fritter in a gram flour batter with baby leaf spinach.

Masala Mago - 6.00  

Cassava chips tossed with onions and bell peppers in a homemade sweet chilli sauce.

Vegan thalli - 16

Quorn Kadhai, Chana Masala, Hyderabadi Aloo Ravia, Gobi Adraki, Tandoori Roti, Steamed Basmati Rice, Salad, Poppadom & Pickle.

Gobi adraki -
£5 side / £9 main

Cauliflower florets cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic & ginger.

Jeera aloo -
£5 side / £9 main  

Dry roasted potatoes, tempered with cumin.

Bhindi Do Piaza - 
£5.5 side / £9.5 main  

Fresh Okra tossed with caramelised onions and moderate spices.

Bhindi Do Piaza - 
£5.5 side / £9.5 main  

Fresh Okra tossed with caramelised onions and moderate spices.

Baingan Bharta - 
£6.0 side / £9.5 main  

Smoked aubergine mash with fresh coriander, peas and tomatoes.

Chana Masala - 
£5.0 side / £8.5 main  

Classic North Indian dish of roasted chickpeas with coriander.

Methi Mushroom - 
£5.0 side / £9.0 main  

Mushrooms with fenugreek leaves cooked in a medium masala.

Tadka Dal - 
£5.0 side / £8.5 main  

North Indian split yellow lentils dish with turmeric, cumin & mustard.

Hyderabadi Aloo Ravia - 
£5.5 side / £9.5 main  

Aubergine and potatoes cooked in a smoked tomato gravy.

Steamed Basmati Rice - 3.25
Chapatti - 2.3
Tandoori Roti - 3
Punjab Salad - 3.5





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